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Who We Are

We are Out of Sight - a volunteer-led group in Tyne & Wear offering an inclusive programme of free events and holidays to visually impaired children and their network of families, carers and friends.

We also run the Out of Sight Community Hub in the south end of Cramlington on Weetslade Road.
At the hub, all members of the public are always welcome to visit us to access our community support services.

We aim to tackle the effects of social isolation in our community and amongst vulnerable families in the region through our open-access support, face-to-face accessibility and socially inclusive events.


Our Mission

Visit us to access our many community support services including: free food parcels and refreshments, use of our public computers/printers, advice & support on disability benefits and a network of local health and wellbeing support structures.

Find us at:

24 Weetslade Road, Dudley, Cramlington, NE23 7HT

Opening Hours 9:15 - 15:30

The Out of Sight Community Hub shop window.
A side view of a trailer park cabin with a ramp.

Since early 2017, Out of Sight has been able to offer free holidays to our members at this purpose-built holiday home in Amble Links. We accept bookings year round (Mon - Fri).

We Need Your Support Today!

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